WOOD WALL ART Beautiful home decorations handmade in Wisconsin with care.

There’s a lot of buzzwords we could use to describe our wooden wall art: Reclaimed, Vintage, Repurposed, Barnwood, Scavenged, Rustic, Boutique, Upcycled, or whatever other trendy words are being used these days.

We’re not going to use any of them because our work speaks for itself and we think buzzwords are a scourge.

Each piece is made by hand in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Sure we use tools, such as saws and planers, to help us, but assembly and finishing is by hand. The piece will probably have variations or flaws, much like the person who made it (although technically, wood can’t really have a terrible credit score or love handles).

Our wood comes from many different sources. Sometimes it’s barn wood, other times it’s an old dock or fence. Occasionally it’s scraps donated from a construction site. The source is somewhat inconsequential to the end product: A quality one of a kind piece of wood art with beautiful textures that will look incredible on your wall or shelf.

Visit our online store to find a ready-made selection of work, or if you need something custom, we can do that as well. Just drop us a line!