WOOD FRAMES Beautiful home decorations handmade in Wisconsin with care.

Yes, you can buy a cheaply-made frame at your local, major retailer, but we think you deserve better. You deserve a reasonably-priced, handcrafted, solid wood frames from us.

Our frames have heart; they have emotion. They weren’t made in a cold factory by a robot who is silently plotting global domination.  Our frames were made by a person.  A person who was probably swearing because of a splinter, but a person nonetheless.

Each and every Dowie Partners Frame is measured, cut, glued, and assembled in a garage in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  The garage is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.  Working conditions are never ideal, but the focus on craftsmanship stands.

Wood is sourced locally and can vary from old fence posts to barn wood to beat-up pallet boards.  Or maybe even wood that’s only a year old, but sat out in the sun for six months (yes, you can call all of this, “reclaimed wood”).  Each frame is custom fitted with professional-grade glass that blocks 99% of UV rays.  That’s an extra step, by the way.  Nobody else does this because nobody cares about you once they get your money.

Visit our online store to see a selection of ready-made frames for your home. If you need multiple matching frames, it’s best to get in touch directly and we’ll custom build a set from the same source material.  It’s a lot easier (and more affordable) than it sounds.